Arwa Capital is a tech-development financial firm that operates on creating quarterly workshops and lookouts for ideas to develop in the tech world. Inspired by the colors of technology i developed the brand that works on its own and as an extention to the seminars and workshops. I drew the concept of development leaning on arabic typography hollowing the outlines and giving them one large structure, the brand is a middle ground between arabic and english.

The lines of connectivity were created with Cinema 4D as well as the hands and the animations. Using the 2 backgrounds of color and simplifying the content to be like a variation of black and white but in tech colors. The use of iPhones was greatly featured to communicate how our main source of connectivity is starting with them. The logo "Ar" was eloganted to symbolise a simple rendition of development and moving forward.

For the simulations of the event i incorporated more white into the text so that it's more legible, and leaned on adding the element throughout the brand development as well as the arabic calligraphy, the circles reminiscent of iPhones and the contrast highly there. The hands were made to look like they're communicating with the lamp, symbolising ideas, and the phones connecting to each other, as a way to explain how great minds discuss technology and the future of tech consumer goods and AI.

In collaboration with Origin Mena

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