Den is a perfume brand operating from Sweden and Qatar. the initial approach for the brand was to keep a simple logo, and rely on the green and gold colors to depit the visuals. using gold leaves for the art direction , the packaging of the bottle was in black with a brush stroke of gold. For the most part the focus of the development was on the packaging depicting a collage from renaissance paintings and combining them with the brush stroke effect in gold to give it an edgy and high-end feel. The number of sizes were 2, one in 50 ml and one in 30 ml.  
For the packaging design and development of the brand it was a combination of collage in arabesque calligraphy on a renaissance painting backdrops, heavily relying on the green color, with the brush stroke in gold. The typographies that were used were Arquitecta, Caesar Dressing as well as Amiri. The sizes were different, ranging between 50 ml and 30 ml, which made the variations of the elements clear while still remaining consistent. Green was heavily used to rely as a backdrop for the product shots made with Cinema 4D and Octane. 

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