Dew is a facial cleansing brush that aims to rejuvenate the skin and that has many benefits. The original idea was to create a symbol and combine it as a mask to be used in the development of the brand. There were also 3 types of brushes so this is why it was important to use 3 colors to develop the brand, each for one product.

I wanted to explore the idea of skin cleanse by also incorporating some XParticles in the product renders. Making variations of particles being blown around the product to show the rejuvenating benefits of dew and how it works in a way that refreshes and moves everything upside down. The focus on the animations was on the 3 products as well as the characters that are moving with the face mask which is the logo of the brand.

For the collateral development i focused on the symbol created which is a form of fractal science drawn from the face and combined with medical pattern, the collateral was mostly treated using the 3 main colors, giving a distinctive and unified feel between patterns, typography and colors. The business cards and boxes were both printed in 3 colors as well and highlighted in the photography/renders.

I got inspired by the material of desert rocks and gave it a more watery/alive feel so that the setting doesn't look dry, but rather humid and fertile. The boxes were also laid out on the stones and the scenes were created to create a desert-like setting that is humid, calm and serene, reflecting the brand values clearly.

An additional exploration was to create the logo as a face filter to be used throughout the development of the visuals for the brand. Focusing on multiple characters moving and expressing themselves in their environemnt while wearing the face filter to evoke the brand's identity using the logo.

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