Based in the UAE, eMagine is a leading expert in e-mobility providing turn-key solutions for EV charging infrastructure, both domestic and public. eMagine is the regional representative of renowned international brands such as Wallbox, Etrel and Tritium. Today, eMagine is the official installation partner of Tesla in the UAE with more than 400 chargers installed to date. Our products are certified by the local authorities such as DEWA and QCC. These certifications allow us to perform all kind of electrical works related to the EV Charger installation.

The use of the brand element in the development of eMagine was inspired by the roads and helping them look modernized, more green and energetic while still keeping the idea of "moving forward" which is an important part of the brand message: Using modernized technology in the form of electric cars to move forward and to help contribute to a greener planet.​​​​​​​

Focusing on letting people know more the details regarding the transition to Electric cars, the social media posts were developed to be informative and to showcase the easiness of EV charging use, as well as preparing for the app to be used which will be launched very soon and will feature all the locations where you can find Public Chargers as well as the means to purchase Home Chargers.


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