Mill is an architecture studio that specializes in sketching, illustrating and technical drawings of facility management. The idea of the brand was to create something that draws elements of classissism, whether in colors, layouts and color use and deconstruct them in a way that gives the brand an edgy side. 

The black stone along with the curvy red plastic were the first drafts to be developed, and based on that the continuation of technical drawings, lines, angular spheres and grids were presented. The typography is focused on a serif font, along with a grid and the concept addition of * to reinforce a flexible style of curvature for the element, plus linking it to the actual visual of the mill which is the name of the studio.

For the 2D visual development i got inspired by the use of technical architecture drawings of maps, shapes, studio and facility managament studios and integrated that in a deconstructed pattern with the red and circular grids of half-circles. The half-circles in black and red would be the depiction of the flexibility involved when the professional work is done by Mill.

Various poster design ideas were implemented as well, to be used across the brand's collateral as well as the communication material online and offline.

For the website visuals i used the concept of stones in relation to bended red plastic material, continuing the concept of grid, pattern and flexibility and adding one more visual style to communicate that. The logo was added on the website and the general layout was deconstructed as well to evoke a feeling of experimental grid. An addition to the visuals of the stone was the geometry tools used in architecture as well as floating paper visuals with technical drawings on them.


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