2022 is the year i decided to focus mostly on making music videos with the hopes of seeing what this might have in store for me in the field of cinematic and abstract narrative art. in very simple, child-like terms i can say: i decided to focus on making art that i want to see in the world

i was contemplating the works of performance artists, dancers, sculptors, film makers, designers and visual artists that have greatly inspired me from very different backgrounds and for a very long time, like kazuo ohno, jesse kanda, watanabe mayumihilma af klintalejandro jodorowskyarca, anohni, carlotta guerrero, meredith monksergei parajanov, fertile palms, valentina arcadi, alessandro sicioldr, frederik heyman among many others 

being a branding designer that's collaborated with big tech successfully and that is part of the silicon valley ecosystem, it was a bit of a risky decision to explore a departure from my portfolio, especially in a world highly dominated by algorithms that operate on boxing users and humans. i did it all out of love for art though, sooner or later it had to happen

here are some of the unofficial music videos i have published so far this year, many of which have been performed by me while wearing the rokoko smart suit

many of the videos performances were recorded by me while wearing the rokoko smart suit. the movements were inspired by butoh, a japanese abstract sub-body form of dancing, as well as some others that had  dervish whirling. the animation was recorded on rokoko app, then transferred to characters in c4d and developed and rendered on octane

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