öra öga

Ora Oga is a Swedish agency and digital expertise blog currently in the making that is focused on branding services and consultancy as well. The majority of the brand's image will be digital so most of the work was to create a general feel that can be developed rather than concentrating on BTL work and collateral printing. The first thing to develop was the logo, I decided to create an invisible grid and add elements that reflected all the traits of the agency and its creator: modern, old-fashioned, modern, avant garde, fun. And to have a separate typography logo that can be used whenever the brandmark can't for legibility.
For the development of the visuals, we decided to add a touch of gold that would be hovering over the brand's image to add a luxurious and elegant feel, and then adding the letters and circles, dashes and triangles on images. The font used is Aquawax and light grey is the background color of the website template along with visuals that are dependent mostly on black, dark grey, textures in general and a contrast of cut-out medieval paintings over modern and texturized backgrounds.
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