Rebel is a soon to be launched razor with its own blade that is rebellious in two senses: 
1- it treats the shaving process and procedure as a form of family heirloom that is passed down one generation to the other, and so the blade is actually very meaningful and not meant to be consumed in quantities, and 2- it is an organic attempt to form a product pro-bio with a razor blade that is also pro-bio.

The treatment for the brand was through building a world where the light is presented in a very sharp angular focus, emitting through the scene and with the product and razor in animations as well as static scenes. the material of the scene is concrete that is of high-quality, evoking a sense of space and masculinity since the main target of the brand is the male demographic, with around 25% focus on the females. This is why the scenes had to be depicted in a greyish kind of light. 

For the development of the brand collateral, i decided to use the logo in accordance to the 3 colors green, red and blue but also the majority of the use to be in full grey, as this would be the most classical way to present the brand. An additional graphic element of a strong cut through with plants created like a pattern was used to depict and develop each of the 3 functions of the razor blade, but the green color, since its in line with the concept of pro-bio  is the color that was used the most on the basic collateral.

I wanted to also give an interesting twist to the visual development of the brand, which is by creating these patterns that are disrupted by the sharp angular cut throughs. Creating an interesting balance between hair, weeds and leaves, as well as the razor blade cutting through the visuals. Illustrations of botanical plants were also added to give a more vibrant and alive kind of collage element to it.

The designs were also displayed in the additional boxes meant to be sent or bought separately for the singular razors. There are 3 levels of replacement blades, each with its own sharpness and intensity, and for every age group available. The treatment of this biproduct was done in a way that could be purchased separately from the razor itself. Allowing room for a more eco-conscious consumption of the blades, as well as the fact that the blades themselves were recycled and made of unharmful materials.

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