we all have a hunger

Many of the creative projects i work on impulsively are usually inspired by music, film or literature. I find myself checking some kind of art and the project i end up doing is a reaction to that original work. I started sketching the work for this project while listening to Florence + The Machine's song "Hunger", using Cinema 4D to sculpt characters and emit light from their places of hunger.

I ended up working on 9 types of hunger to fit the grid: hunger for love, hunger to eat, hunger to talk, hunger to give, hunger to take, hunger for body I, hunger for body II, spiritual hunger and existential hunger. I worked with 3 basic colors which are the red, blue and orange. This project was mostly created to experiment with learning Cinema 4D.

For the animation part I used a saber-like capsule effect emitted from the main characters' center and made the sculptures follow the path the emission takes them to in a loop. The renderer i used for the project is Octane. 

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